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We specialize in all of your law firm needs

We know bankruptcy is difficult. We try to make it as painless as possible. Great service and results, see why we are Sarasota's leading bankruptcy lawyer!

In the face of losing your home, don't settle for second best. Our foreclosure defense attorneys are experienced and ready to help. See how today!

Every family is unique. You need a family attorney who really gets how to handle each case. Personalized approaches and great results, contact us now!

When it comes to your freedom, a criminal defense lawyer is your ticket away from dead ends and constant denials. Contact us today!

There is so much more to your estate planning than you can imagine. Contact the estate lawyer who can help you make a comprehensive plan.

Don't let an accident or your insurance company keep you from the benefits you deserve. Contact the personal injury attorney who has your back today!

We Specialize in Handling consumer and business bankruptcy

We also handle family, criminal, personal injury as well as Estate and Tax planning matters.

Extensive experience, versatility and a depth of knowledge that only comes from the job, are all of the qualities you’ll get in our attorneys. A personalized approach and a free initial consulatation, you can really understand all of your options before deciding which path to choose, and we’ll be by your side through it all. Contact us now and see how we can help!

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We didn't get to be Sarasota's leading bankruptcy attorney overnight. Nearly 30 years of experience, hard work, and a dedication to every client is what got us where we are today, and those are qualities we guarantee for every client that walks through our doors. See how we can help you now and consult with the firm who is really here for you.

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