So, you have found yourself in debt. It was not very hard to get into it but getting out of it is a different story. There are individuals out there who can help you understand your debt and how to kick it. You can turn to a Galarza Law Firm bankruptcy attorney in Sarasota, or you can seek out a credit counselor. In the meantime, you need to understand how simple changes can have a positive impact on your credit debt.

In this two part series we will discuss 5 simple changes that you can make today that will drastically change your debt:

  1. Stop spending- Quit increasing your debt. Cut your maxed-out credit cards in half. Stop using credit cards as “free money.” All of the money that you have spent will have to be paid back, with interest! Cancel ALL of your store cards. These are unnecessary credit lines. You should have only 1 emergency credit card that you can PAY OFF COMPLETELY each month.
  2. Track your spending- You should know exactly how much money is coming in every month and how much money is going out. When you write down everything you are more conscious of your spending habits. Like most people, your debt probably crept up gradually from small, insignificant purchases.

In the next segment we will tell you the last 3 easy ways to kick your debt. If you have questions, seek out an expert. There is no need to feel embarrassed. Everyone needs help at some point and an expert bankruptcy attorney can teach you how to avoid filing for bankruptcy.