Student loans have become one of the hottest debt-topics over the last few years. Hundreds of thousands of young Americans are struggling to pay off their hefty student loans. With the job market being as difficult as it is, more college graduates are defaulting on their student loans. Unfortunately student loans are known as “good debt” which makes them difficult to get discharged. An experienced bankruptcy attorney in Sarasota, FL can help those who are struggling with debt.

According to Section 523(a)(8) and the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005, student loans are extremely difficult to discharge when filing for bankruptcy. An individual who wishes to have their student debt erased must show that their debt imposes a hardship on the individual filing for bankruptcy or their dependants. While this is extremely difficult, it is not impossible with the right help.

A qualified and experienced bankruptcy attorney is the best person to hire when trying to discharge student loans. There are many nuances to bankruptcy law that a post-graduate may not be able to navigate on their own. Specialized filings must be completed by your bankruptcy attorney before a discharge of student loans becomes a viable option. Your bankruptcy attorney must show that a minimum standard of living cannot be achieved due to student loans. They must also prove that these living conditions are likely to continue without debt forgiveness. The student loans will also not be forgiven unless the debtor has tried to keep up with payments over the years.

Galarza Law Firm has an expert grasp on the intricacies of bankruptcy law. As Sarasota’s leading bankruptcy attorney with almost 30 years of experience, we can help you get the debt relief you need. Do not try to wade through the bankruptcy process alone.