Estate Law can be complicated to navigate without the help of an estate lawyer. Make sure that you living will is intact before tragedy strikes. Planning for the event of your untimely death or disability can be a gift to your loved ones. You can ensure their safety and well-being with the help of Galarza Law Firm. Our experienced lawyers will help draft a living will, power of attorney, and beneficiaries to your estate. By planning ahead you will ensure that your loved ones will be well taken care of. Proper estate planning will ensure that taxation and other frustrations are held to a minimum.


While most people believe that the management of their financial and medical affairs will naturally fall to their next of kin, family members actually have to go through an extensive and expensive petition process which the court monitors.

The best solution is to work with an attorney to draft documents which will allow a person (or persons) of your choice to take over your financial affairs and medical decisions in the event of your death or incapacitation. At The Galarza Law Firm, PA, we work with you on a personal level, understanding your true needs and then pointing you in the direction that will make what you want possible.


Probate court is an expensive and extensive process which allows your private will to become public, having issues being solved in court while your assets are frozen. With one of our skilled and experienced estate planning lawyers, you can find the peace of mind knowing your loved ones will receive what you wish quickly, inexpensively and privately.

Minor Children

Choosing a guardian for your children should not be taken lightly. Taking into mind situations like your spouse having to work and not being able to take care of your children properly, or an event in which both you and your spouse pass away at the same time is an important consideration.

Your estate lawyers will know the right questions to ask and the discussions you need to have to find out exactly what paths you want to pursue. By working personally and closely with you, we can best execute your desires and take care of your needs when you no longer can.

Whether you are concerned about the well-being of your children, your planned giving to charities, planning for death taxes, or any other concerns which come with estate planning, we have what it takes to execute your will after you have gone. Getting you all of the right documentation and asking the right questions, we can help you help your loved ones through this transition.

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