Bankruptcy is much more common than many people realize. Thousands of new bankruptcy cases appear throughout the United States on a yearly basis. If you or your loved ones are one of the thousands of Americans that is on the verge of bankruptcy, contact a bankruptcy attorney at Galarza Law Firm. Filing for bankruptcy without the proper representation can be daunting and can lead to dismissal if paperwork is incorrectly filed.

According to the US Courts here are some statistics on bankruptcy that will help you realize that you are not alone in your case:

  1. There were a total of 936,795 bankruptcy filings in 2014.
  2. Chapter 7 bankruptcy accounted for the biggest number of bankruptcy filings at 619,069.
  3. Chapter 12 bankruptcy filing posted the years lowest total at 361.
  4. Chapter 7, nonbusiness related bankruptcy filings in 2014 accounted for 600,885 cases.
  5. Chater 13, nonbusiness related bankruptcy filings in 2014 accounted for 307,783 cases.
  6. Business filings accounted for 26,983 of the total bankruptcy filings.
  7. Nonbusiness filings accounted for 909,812 of the grand total.
  8. 2014 saw 135,137 less bankruptcy cases than 2013.
  9. In 2014 more than 1 million bankruptcy cases were terminated.
  10. Over 1 million bankruptcy cases were still pending review at the end of 2014.

Hiring the right bankruptcy attorney from Galarza Law Firm can help you with proper filing, little known laws, keeping away creditors, and communicating with the courts. Help is available for those who are actively looking. To ensure that your case makes it to court, hire Galarza Law Firm.