1. Little Known Facts About Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy is a process which an individual, business, or company can go through to help eliminate or repay their debt. Bankruptcy papers must be filed through the federal bankruptcy court under the proper chapter. Bankruptcy law is very in-depth and complicated. There are many things that can go wrong with preparing for bankruptcy, filling out the papers, or throughout the bankruptcy process. A b…Read More

  2. Little Known Facts About Debt

    There is even a growing trend of debt among Americans that is quite interesting. Credit cards are one of the major contributors to the debt crisis among Americans. Every single person should have a better grasp on their finances. No one wants to talk about debt but sometimes bankruptcy is the only way to resolve your financial issues. If you are in need of help, talk to an expert bankruptcy attorn…Read More

  3. Part 2: 5 Easy Steps to Kicking Debt

    Debt is an all too common problem among Americans. There are many easy ways to get into debt. The hardest part about debt  is getting out of it. When you are ready to break the cycle, seek help from an expert bankruptcy attorney in Sarasota or find a credit counselor. In part two of this series on how to kick your debt we will be talking about how to live within your means: Categorize your spendi…Read More

  4. 5 Easy Steps to Kicking Debt

    So, you have found yourself in debt. It was not very hard to get into it but getting out of it is a different story. There are individuals out there who can help you understand your debt and how to kick it. You can turn to a Galarza Law Firm bankruptcy attorney in Sarasota, or you can seek out a credit counselor. In the meantime, you need to understand how simple changes can have a positive impact…Read More

  5. Bankruptcy Abuse And Consumer Protection Act of 2005

    Individuals who are on the verge of having to file for bankruptcy may need more help than they would like to admit. Accredited credit counselors can be sought out for advice and help with a plan of attack. If that does not work, filing for bankruptcy may be your only option. A bankruptcy attorney at Galarza Law Firm can help you to understand your rights, and the court proceedings. The Bankruptcy …Read More

  6. Let’s Talk About Debt

    People are always taught not to talk about money-that is is rude. Well, sometimes it is good to understand money and in what ways you can get into trouble. Debt is a very real problem for many Americas. A lot of us do not fully understand how we got so far into debt, what kinds of debt there are, and how we can possibly get out of debt. Bankruptcy attorneys in Sarasota are experts in debt and unde…Read More

  7. What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

    Bankruptcy attorneys want you to understand that there are different chapters within bankruptcy law. Each business or individual must know what chapter they fall under prior to filing for bankruptcy. It is highly advised that if you are in danger of filing for bankruptcy that you hire a bankruptcy attorney to help you. Bankruptcy law can be difficult to understand and even more difficult to navig…Read More

  8. What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

    It is completely normal to be confused by bankruptcy law. Bankruptcy attorneys specialize in understanding the nuances of bankruptcy law. Not many other people take the time to learn about bankruptcy law in depth. The reason you hire a bankruptcy attorney is to help you file you claim correctly and to walk you through the entire process. There are main chapters of bankruptcy that you can file und…Read More

  9. Connecting Yourself to an Industry Leading Bankruptcy Attorney

    Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision. Unfortunately, sometimes it is the only solution to your debt problems.  There are many things you should know before you file bankruptcy papers.  Since the process can be very labor intensive, it is highly recommended that you hire a bankruptcy attorney to help you through the process. An industry leading bankruptcy attorney can assure that all the…Read More